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A Few Of Our Favourite Pieces For March.

Each month we like to give a few pieces of our jewellery a special place in the spotlight. Because we hand make and design each piece that we sell at Spirit Jewellery, unless you come in store to browse what we have, it’s almost impossible to show you everything! We believe in creating jewellery for every type of woman, and in saying that, that every woman, no matter her age and style can wear the same piece of jewellery in a different way. Jewellery has different meanings to every wearer – for some it may be the memory of when it was gifted to them, by a lover or good friend, or perhaps a family member. It may have been handed down to them or bought for a special occasion.

Our jewellery has been created for these moments – for each woman who wears it to feel beautiful and to smile each time it gets looked at because of the beautiful memories that flood your heart each time it gets worn.

This month we wanted to share the following pieces with you:

Our beautiful Cresent Moon pendant and bracelet have quickly become a favourite. Although the bracelet is not on-line yet, you’re welcome to send us an email to order or to visit us in store to view it and to purchase it. These are available in sterling silver, or gold plated.

– We just adore our thread chain hoop earrings because they are so interesting and unique. We loved designing these earrings, and hope that whoever wears them will feel as beautiful as we designed them to make you feel. Available in sterling silver, rose gold plated, or gold plated.

Do you have any Spirit pieces that you have fallen in love with? Pop us a DM on our Instagram and we can feature them in the next few months!

March Birthstone: Aquamarine – Treasure of Mermaids.

If you were born in March, your birthstone is the rich in colour, Aquamarine. The Aquamarine has long been a symbol of youth, health and hope as well as friendship and fidelity. Reminiscent of the sea, this stone ranges from pale to deep blue. We love how this stone creates such a beautiful accent to spring and summer wardrobes.

The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words aqua, meaning water, and marina meaning sea. This stone was believed to protect sailors and guarantee a safe voyage. Legends also say that aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids, and its powers are even stronger when immersed in water. The serene colour of Aquamarine is said to bring peace and calming powers to its owner, relieving stress and enhancing intuition. They say that Aquamarine makes a great anniversary gift due to it having a soothing effect on relationships, especially for married couples.

It is also believed that Aquamarine heightens awareness, communication skills, and assists with quick responses. The stone is unique in that it never has inclusions, meaning that it’s flawless.

Visit us in store in Hout Bay to browse some of our single stone necklaces and a new macramé style sliding bracelets with the gorgeous aquamarine bead.

A Summer Giveaway

With the holidays having come to an end, summer continues. We wanted to keep summer alive by running a competition over on our Instagram account. This summer, our most well loved piece of jewellery has been the simple and elegant Dew Drop Necklace. Available in sterling silver, rose gold plated, or gold plated – which means that we have an option for everyone. We have also decided to give away one of our beautiful Twin Circle Bangles in either silver, gold or rose gold.

As a local business, we feel that it is important to collaborate with other businesses who have handmade, high quality products. Therefore, we have paired up with Sweetpeas Handmade who are home to some of the most well-loved leather sandals as well as Burgundy Collective who have beautiful leather handbags and purses.

Are you based in South Africa? Then head over to our Instagram account to enter this amazing competition now and you could stand a chance to win an amazing prize valued at close to R3000!

Spirit Summer Trends

As summer approaches, the emphasis is on light and easy to wear jewellery, items you can comfortably wear to the beach and which give you a little bit of bling without being too dramatic. We also absolutely love seeing florals and pearls making a come back in international jewellery trends.

I have always found inspiration in nature, and flora specifically, so you will continue to see leafy and floral designs taken a step further in our upcoming range. There is also a trend to wear earrings in unique ways, you will find that we have a variety of ear climbers, ear jackets and thread style earring in our range. These styles are non-conventional with pieces added behind the ear lobe, climbing up the ear or threaded and pulled through. We are really excited to see how each customer wears theirs in their own unique way this summer.

Hop over to our Instagram account to see all of our latest pieces that are a perfect fit not only for Summer, but are timeless and ideal for every season. We love seeing women who dare to be different. Let your jewellery make a statement for you! Visit us online or in store to shop. If you ever see a piece on our Instagram account that isn’t available online, simply pop us a message and we can see how we can assist you in getting your dream jewellery in time for summer!