The essence of Spirit Jewellery lies in its simplistic beauty and natural feel. Understated yet elegant, Spirit Jewellery is beautiful, feminine, delicate and inspiring. Soft whimsical colours and natural tones, together with silver, gold and rose gold, create this very special collection of high quality and affordable jewellery.

Spirit Jewellery combines a wide range of unusual semi-precious stones handpicked from around the globe, with locally hand-cast sterling silver.  From necklaces with motifs and symbols from nature, through silk and leather bracelets, to delicate semi-precious stone earrings – each piece is individually handcrafted and put together with a style that combines natural elements with contemporary designs. Sterling silver is also gold- and rose gold-plated, or oxidized to add variety to the collection and keep up with the latest fashion trends. A small selection of unique pieces are sourced from overseas to complement the range.

Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and Cape Town designer, Nikki Shepherd, presents this simple sophistication in her beautiful and unique jewellery range. Nikki is inspired to create jewellery that people love, and find joy in wearing. She often uses motifs and symbolic images from nature that customers are able to associate some meaning to – for themselves, or others when giving someone that special gift.

Nikki is a graduate from Rhodes University, Businesswoman, Career Coach and Mother. After living in Egypt where she studied jewellery-making, Nikki returned to South Africa and followed her passion and love for creating beautiful things, starting Spirit Jewellery in 2010.

The Spirit studio is based in Hout Bay, Cape Town, where Nikki and her small team bring Spirit to life.   Today Spirit Jewellery is a successful business, which operates permanently at The Watershed in the V&A Waterfront, and 35 Main Road, Hout Bay. Spirit Jewellery also regularly participates in various high-end fairs and pop-up markets around the country.