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The Launch of The Bod Service Leaf Necklace – Q&A with Candibod.


Help honour the world around us and leave a lasting legacy of making the world a better place…

Spirit Jewellery is proud to collaborate with Candice Bodington and her “Bod Service” – a non-profit organisation that aims to provide services and opportunities for anyone and everyone. For every necklace sold we will be donating 10% to GREENPOP, to help plant trees around our beautiful nation.

These beautiful Bod Leaf necklaces are available in sterling silver and gold plated, and are available to shop on-line and in store. 

We chat to Candice to find out what inspired her, and to help you get to know her a little better:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your various platforms.My name is Candice Bodington. I am a qualified graphic designer, personal trainer and nutritional advisor in Cape Town. The various platforms I have are my Instagram, my blog, my YouTube channel which are all under ‘Candibod‘ which is around health, fitness and wellness. I then decided to create a Podcast where I speak about more alternative ways of healing and connecting with women entrepreneurs around the globe allowing them a space to spread their message. And then I decided to create Bod.Service which is an NGO here in Cape Town that brings the connection between a person who has influence and a service to the community who could potentially use and benefit from that service and the influential person spreads the word of that community on that platform.
  2. What inspired you to create Bod.service?Being someone who creates content online, I saw the impact that an influential person had on a campaign or a product or building up a brand. And I thought, how amazing would it be if we took that same concept, and that same process, but used the person instead of using a product – use their service to give back to the community.
  3. There are so many wonderful causes to support, how did you learn about Greenpop, and what helped you make that decision that THEY were the ones you wanted to support?With Bod.Service, we have an ‘eco’, ‘pet’ and a ‘people’ portfolio. Each portfolio is managed by another person. The person who helps me manage the ‘eco’ portfolio is  Mischke Bosse. Together, we chose them because we knew that people would appreciate their money going to a good place that has ethical processes. It was a no brainer.
  4. We’ve loved working with you in creating this beautiful Bod Leaf Necklace – what was your vision for this collaboration, and what do you hope is achieved from this?My vision was to create something that illustrates the beauty that is portrayed in a plant. And that somebody would love no matter what plant they love or not. And after that initial attraction to the pendent, my main vision is to sell as many as possible, so that I can plant as many trees as possible. And that is why I chose the Monster Leaf, because I felt there was more chance in people wanting to wear it, which would result in being able to invest in our planet.5. What is your future vision for Bod.service and how can the community get involved in supporting upcoming events and drives you put together?

    The future vision I have for Bod.service is doing what I am doing now, but at a bigger capacity. Taking people who have an influence, or who have a service and providing it to more schools, more plantations – continuing to spread awareness the best I can. And doing a little bit of good everyday. I don’t think that Bod.service needs to be this insane NGO that to the outside looks like it’s been scaled up at a fast pace. My main incentive will always be to just do one small act of kindness every day as a community to serve with what we have and to continue giving back. Even if it’s something as simple as smiling at somebody or helping somebody push their trolley when they’re struggling.

    If you’d like to keep up with any future events, services needed or drives to support – head over to Bod.service.