chakra stones

Chakras are energy centres within the human body which help to regulate all of its processes – from organ function to the immune system, as well as emotions and healing. There are 7 chakras positioned throughout the body, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and corresponding colour. Certain semi-precious stones and crystals can help to balance this energy within the body, thereby facilitating physical, spiritual and overall wellbeing.

Semi-precious Stones and their relation to the 7 Chakras

ColourEnergy / Function / Emotion / HealingSemi-Precious Stones*
Crown ChakraVioletUnderstanding, Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment Herkimer Diamond, Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Iolite
Third Eye Chakra IndigoClairvoyance, Intuition, Psychic SensesAmethyst, Iolite, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli
Throat Chakra Blue Communication, Creativity, HealingLapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine
Heart ChakraGreenLove, Hope, CompassionAventurine, Green Tourmaline, Peridot, Amazonite
Solar Plexus ChakraYellowEnergy, Vitality, Desire / PowerCitrine, Topaz, Rutilated Quartz
Sacral ChakraOrangeSexuality, Intimacy, EmotionsCitrine, Moonstone, Ruby
Base ChakraRed Security, Grounding, Survival InstinctGarnet, Ruby

* These semi-precious stones feature throughout the Spirit Jewellery range, including a dedicated range of Chakra bracelets.