birth stones

Precious and semi-precious stones (or gemstones) are related to the months of the year, the signs of the Zodiac, and even the days of the week!

Historically, the birthstones assigned to each month related to the stones appearing on the breastplate of a Jewish high priest, Aaron (brother of Moses). Traditional and modern birthstones are, however, open to interpretation based on different cultures, and the characteristic colours of the stones.

Birthstones signify, symbolise, personalise and bring meaning. The wearing of birthstones is thought to bring balance and further cosmic powers…

Gemstones and their relation to the Months of the Year (Birthstones)

Birth MonthGemstones*ColourMeaning / Balance
JanuaryGarnetDeep RedFaith, Love, Courage, Serenity, Success
FebruaryAmethystPurpleProtection, Calming, Clarity
MarchAquamarineVery Pale BlueCreativity, Self Expression, Courage, Clarity, Hope
AprilQuartz Crystal, White Topaz, White Sapphire, DiamondWhite, ClearEternal Love, Romance, Courage, Calming, Healing, Vitality
MayEmerald, AventurineGreenHealth, Prosperity, Fertility, Faithfulness
JuneMoonstone, Pearl, LabradoriteLight PurplePurity, Innocence, Love, Compassion, Intuition, Fortune
JulyRuby, GarnetRedCourage, Strength, Serenity, Success
AugustPeridot, Prehnite, PrasioliteLight GreenCalming, Healing, Protection, Peace
SeptemberBlue Sapphire, Lapis LazuliDeep BluePurity, Wisdom, Faith, Loyalty, Serenity
OctoberPink Tourmaline, Opal, Rose QuartzPinkHealing, Hope, Innocence, Creativity, Clarity, Love
NovemberCitrine, Yellow TopazYellowIntellect, Positivity, Prosperity, Success, Happiness
DecemberBlue Topaz, TurquoiseBlueHealth, Healing, Protection, Positivity

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