The Design Process

Our design process begins as an idea and is brought to life by hand though a number of intricate processes.   We use the ancient technique of Lost Wax Casting.

First we create our original design or model by hand in silver or through carving a wax model.  Many of our latest designs are done on CAD and printed using 3D technology.  A rubber or latex mold is then made of the original model. For every piece in our collection wax is then injected into the mold and then removed.  The wax replica is assembled into a little tree ready for casting. This is then delicately invested in a flask of silica. Very hot silver in liquid form is poured into the tree and fills all the branches as it melts the wax away. What is left is raw silver casting which looks like the original model but needs extensive cleaning and polishing by hand to create a beautiful shiny finish. 

We then delicately add stones or beadwork as well as Gold and Rose Gold plate the jewellery to create our many unique designs.

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