Rays of Light Collection

It’s nothing new that the whole world has been in a pretty chaotic state, a lot of us found ourselves in the most difficult time. Some have lost jobs, lost businesses and others have even lost loved ones.

In the midst of this dark time in the pandemic, Nikki found inspiration. For those of you who don’t know her, she is a business woman, mother and entrepreneur with a passion and drive to make things happen. The pandemic took its toll on her and her business, but through it all she held on and pushed even harder to create new designs and restructure her business. She took the opportunity to move to a new store on the main road in Hout Bay, because she saw the light at the end of the tunnel. “I had to decide if I wanted to fade or create. So I created.”

With a new energy and hope, Nikki decided to share this inspiration and feeling with her local customers in the best possible way she could – she created a beautiful new range dedicated to hope – “Rays of Light”

Inspired by the elements of light, the Rays of Light Collection embraces the radiant beauty around us in all its forms. From the gentle morning light, the warmth of the summer sun, to the glow of the moon and twinkle of the stars at night. We dedicate this range to the magical sources of light which are constantly around us as a daily reminder of the beauty of life.

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