Highlight Pieces For July

Winter has officially hit us over the past couple of weeks, and as seasons change, it inspires us to create new pieces of jewellery. We love sharing our jewellery, new and old with you. This month we have decided to share the following with you:

Puzzle Piece Necklace

A perfect gift for a group of friends to express your friendship. Why not give one to each friend, no matter how close or distant you are? Get a discount when buying as a set of more than 1. We love how when buying more than one, the pieces genuinely fit together like a puzzle. Available in sterling silver only. If you’re quick, you may also be lucky enough to get it on sale!

Diamond in Africa

Have you or somebody you know left their heart in Africa? We know just how hard it is to leave such a beautiful place. Take Africa with you wherever you go. The sterling silver pendant is complete with a small genuine diamond and makes a perfect gift too.

Opalite Necklace

Africa Did you know that Opalite is a manmade glass resin with an inherent milky glow and amazing iridescent colours? This beautiful Opalite Africa on chain is available in sterling silver, rose gold plated and gold plated.

Special Stone Necklace

Blue Topaz How beautiful is the Blue Topaz? We love it so much that we thought that this semi-precious stone would look absolutely perfect on a sterling silver or gold plated chain. This piece is so unique and is perfect for women of all ages.

Dewdrop Bracelet

Petite The Dewdrop Necklace is an obvious favourite, especially for our Spirit Babes who follow us on Instagram. We knew that we needed to complete the Dewdrop family by adding a Petite Dewdrop Bracelet in sterling silver, rose gold plated and gold plated to the mix. With multiple small disc pendants on the chain, this piece is delicate and beautiful and can be worn for every occasion.

Marquise Stud Earring

Can you say sophistication? Our Marquise Stud Earring is a piece that we are just head over heels for. Winter or summer, these earrings will finish off your outfit perfectly no matter what it looks like. Headed into the office? Drinks with the girls or date night? Just pop them in to complete the look, no matter what the occasion. These beauts are available in sterling silver, rose gold plated or gold plated and we love them in every variation.

Which piece from the above list is your favourite? Which do you think you’d wear the most? Visit us on our Instagram account and be sure to say hi!

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