Spirit Summer Trends

As summer approaches, the emphasis is on light and easy to wear jewellery, items you can comfortably wear to the beach and which give you a little bit of bling without being too dramatic. We also absolutely love seeing florals and pearls making a come back in international jewellery trends.

I have always found inspiration in nature, and flora specifically, so you will continue to see leafy and floral designs taken a step further in our upcoming range. There is also a trend to wear earrings in unique ways, you will find that we have a variety of ear climbers, ear jackets and thread style earring in our range. These styles are non-conventional with pieces added behind the ear lobe, climbing up the ear or threaded and pulled through. We are really excited to see how each customer wears theirs in their own unique way this summer.

Hop over to our Instagram account to see all of our latest pieces that are a perfect fit not only for Summer, but are timeless and ideal for every season. We love seeing women who dare to be different. Let your jewellery make a statement for you! Visit us online or in store to shop. If you ever see a piece on our Instagram account that isn’t available online, simply pop us a message and we can see how we can assist you in getting your dream jewellery in time for summer!

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